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Blue Residences is a single 41 stories tall. Containing a modernized tropical design, it will be the first of its kind. Its location being on Kait Punan and Aurora Blvd puts it near Ateneo De Manila University, making it one of the most strategically placed buildings ever designed in this area. The chief demographic targeted with this property are college students ( hence its location being near a traditional university), working students paying their way through college, academicians and career driven professionals. Its location is just not near the university, but it's also in an area which is considered very high in commercial business. With companies such as; FBR Arcade, River Banks Mall, SM City Marikina, Eastwood, SM Cubao, Araneta Center and Gateway Mall the targeted consumers will have more than ample employment opportunities at their disposal. As if that weren’t enough the benefits of residing here naturally improves with the included features of this properties are more than sufficient to make life a joyful experience. Having a home located in the heart of the business world makes life not only a success, but you tend to have fewer worries or cares when all your life's desires and conveniently meeting everyone's needs. This complex in nature apartment complex has a uniquely tailored design to fit all these requirements and more. Why spend your life worrying about your every aspect of life when you can spend it enjoying all the benefits your home has to offer.

In this day and age transportation for the many upcoming adolescents is always an issue. The market for purchasing a vehicle for a way to get from point a to point be is at an all time high. Most people can't even afford to buy cars these days. While taking that into consideration, the apartments contain easy access to a variety of transport options. Who knew that a place you call home would also be a place where you never worry about how you are going to get home each night or day for that matter. Providing access to a variety of private and public transit methods makes this property and essential piece of the real estate market. With what you would typically spend on college dorms or an inconveniently placed apartment you have the benefit of never having an issue with how you're going to get going where you need to go. It's not just the public and private transit available either you also have the MRT and the CRTL right there at your disposal. Life could not get more simplistic than that. Looking into the future, you regularly have expressed concerns and worries about how to get to work or school.  Everyone worries about transportation from time to time, the architects that were involved in this design factored in the many issues that many people face in their regular lives to make it easier for our future generations to be a success in the world of many errors.


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